Frequently asked questions

What if I can't pay?

We ensure that cost of coming presents no barrier to any camper, participant, or volunteer.  Please contact us and we can work with you.

Why a Spirituality Retreat?

SPP founders identified that those of us who grew up in the Bible Belt often felt excluded or omitted from spiritual practices.  We believe all young people have the right to harness every possible asset to help them build a sense of self and community, including spirituality or religion if they choose.  For those who do not identify as spiritual or religious, we seek to cultivate allyship, understanding, and support.

Where is it?

For safety and confidentiality purposes, the location of the annual retreat is disclosed as a receipt and confirmation of registration.  Aim for East/Central Texas :)

Other questions?

Contact us on the "Contact Us" button on the "About Us" page.